January Goals

At Save One Straw, a new year means new goals.  In 2019, we plan to make a difference, and we invite you to join us.  Our goals are attainable, but we need your help:

1. Live.  Inspire others.  We encourage you to leave your plastics behind. Help us encourage others.  Mother Earth will thank you. 
2. Leave Less. Make a change, forgo plastic, and opt for our silicone or stainless straws.  This will help make our world a cleaner, safer, more beautiful place now and for future generations.
3. Stay colorful. In the new year, stay hydrated with our sporty-chic, high-quality reusable straws.   Check out our unique color choices.
4. Save One Straw.  Yes, one straw can make a difference, one person can make a difference.  Our family-owned business is thankful for your support.


Let’s make a difference in 2019 and watch our efforts make a HUGE impact for years to come.